Star Audio Studio

Star Audio Studio is a professional recording studio located just north of Brisbane.
We are a small but powerful recording and production facility capable of outstanding results using quality analogue and digital equipment in great sounding rooms with a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by the beautiful beaches of the Redcliffe peninsular.
The control room, live and vocal rooms have all been acoustically designed, built and treated.
Star Audio Studio offers flexible recording and production packages that will suit most budgets, we offer some of the cheapest studio rates in Brisbane,  real quality at realistic prices.
So for your next recording project come and check us out or give us a call.


The studio is built into a beautiful residential surrounding and consists of 3 acoustically treated rooms comprising of a 6 x 4.5 mtr control room, a 6 x 5 mtr live room and a 2 mtr pentagonial vocal isolation booth.

Control Room
This beautifully neutral control room is built to ancient ‘Golden Rule’ measurements with angled side walls and sloping roof.
With a large viewing window into the live room and a big comfy lounge suite.

Live Room
Dubbed the ‘Red Room’ the 6 x 5 mtr live room is a nicely balanced tonal room that has adjustable acoustic properties and sounds great with drums, bass, guitars, brass and strings.

Vocal / Iso Booth
This professionally designed and fully treated pentagonial (5 sided) vocal booth is designed for its acoustic dryness with plenty of room and is a great iso booth for when your after that huge guitar sound with plenty of gain and volume.


Studio Hourly Rate – $50/Hr

Studio Hire inc. In – House Engineer – $300/Day

3 Day Package inc. Engineer – $850
5 Day Package inc. Engineer – $1400

We can also tailor a package around your budget and situation, so give us a call, we believe we offer a top quality product with Brisbanes best recording studio prices.

A 50% deposit is required to lock in a booking date non-refundable if cancelled within 48hrs of booking.



DAW running Cubase 5
Focusrite Liquid Mix
Waves Plug-ins
Yamaha 01V96 with various i/o cards
German quality RME audio interface
Focusrite ISA 828 Preamps w/ Digital Card
Neve Portico Mic Pres’
Steinberg Midex 8
Mackie HR824
Hayes F80 nearfields
Studio amps by AT and Trace Elliott
Ibanez GE3101 Graphics
Presonus HP60 Headphone distribution x 6
Sennheiser HD25 II x 4
128 way patchbay


Neve Portico Mic Pres
Neve Portico Compressors
Focusrite ISA 828 Preamps
Avalon U5 D/I
DbX DDP Digital Dynamics Processor
DbX 266XL Compressor
DbX 296 De-Esser
DbX 120XP Subharmonic synthesizer
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Alesis Nano Compressor
Behringer 9024 Ultra Dyne Pro
Behringer Ultrafex Pro
Alesis Wedge master reverb
Ensoniq DP/2
Electrix Filter Factory
Digitech Studio S200


  1.     Shure Beta 52
  2.     Shure Beta 91
  3.     Shure Sm 57 Beta
  4.     Shure Sm 57 x 2
  5.     Shure Sm 58 x 2
  6.     Shure Sm 58 Wireless UC
  7.     Rode NT3
  8.     Rode NT5 x 2
  9.     Rode NT2A
  10.     Rode K2
  11.     Sennheiser MD421 Mk11 x 2
  12.     Studio Projects C3
  13.     AKG SE300A
  14.     AKG C3000B
  15.     AKG C414B-ULS
  16.     AKG D112
  17.     CAD 95 x 2
  18.     MXL 603S x 3




Korg Trinity Plus fully expanded
Korg MS2000R
Korg 707
Korg Poly 800
Kawai K5000 fully expanded
Emu E-Synth Sampler
Emu Proteus 2000 fully expanded
Novation Nova
Novation Drum Station
Technics SL1210Mk3D x 2
Stylii by Shure and Stanton
Pioneer CDJ 2000
Citronics CS-3 mixer
Marshall JCM 900
Marshall 1960 A
Epiphone Les Paul Studio Ltd Edition
Ibanez Acoustic
Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler
Various Boss pedals and Tuners


With 20 years experience in the audio industry BJ has been around the block once or twice. After an international DJ career that saw him on stage with the whose who of the music scene, to a touring sound engineer with the world famous Cirque du Soleil and working on stage with the biggest names in the music industry like U2, Pink, Green Day, AC/DC, Pearl Jam and Prince just to name a few. BJ has learnt a few tricks along the way, and a lot of industry secrets. So now after a 2 year build, Star Audio Studio is open for business and BJ is ready to pass on his extensive experience and knowledge to your next recording session.


Vinyl Restoration & Duplication

Here at Star Audio Studio, we specialize in the Duplication and Restoration of Vinyl records to CD or DVD.
Why bother you ask?

For a start it just sounds great, we digitally transfer the audio using state of the art equipment at DVD quality and we even remove most of the annoying cracks and pops associated with old vinyl records, and secondly a lot of music, especially older music and different genres, just isn’t available to buy on CD or DVD, and owning turntables is a bit of a pain these days, but there is a solution … just bring them to us and we will transfer them to CD or DVD so you can listen to your favourite music again in pristine audio quality at home, in the car or wherever you want to take your favourite music.

Backline Hire

Through our strong industry ties, we are able to offer our clients a huge range of backline, so if your looking for that special snare sound or that massive guitar rig to make your next song a hit, and money doesn’t give you the luxury of owning a DW Custom drum kit, easy, just hire one for the session, and get that sound your after.





Star Audio Studio
15 Emerald Street
Clontarf, Brisbane.
Australia 4019
Ph. +61 7 38853500
Mob. 0431 796397
Copyright © 2011 Star Audio Studio


The recording studio is just over 20kms north from Brisbane. Star Audio Studio is situated on the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsular over looking the magnificent Moreton Bay. Surrounded by Brisbanes best beaches the Studio is easy to access by heading North on the M1 out of Brisbane, veer right at the Deagon Deviation just pass Boondal and head over the Houghton Highway Bridge till you smell the salt water and you have arrived.
Drive along the esplanade,
turn left into Maine Rd,
turn left into Lucinda St,
turn right into Koopa,

Address – 15 Emerald Street,

Clontarf, 4019,

Brisbane, Australia.